Japanese Curry Udon Soup

25 Jun

One of the fun things about being married is that I get to cook everyday!  Perhaps the novelty hasn’t worn off yet, but I love cooking and I love creating or imitating (haha!) recipes!

A loves his Japanese Curry.  Usually we cook it like a stew and serve it over rice.  My favourite brand is the one introduced by my sister, called Java House. 

We buy the Medium-Hot one as we are both not very good spicy eaters!  This is a great meal if you want something tasty and satisfying and quick!  Instructions are on the back of the box.

I made a quick dashi stock and placed a few of these curry blocks into the soup to simmer.  I have to say that the next day, with the leftover soup, I added in more curry blocks to thicken it up, and it was a lot nicer.  The flavour was more rich.  Just depends whether you want more of a soup type of meal or if you want a thick sauce over your udon.  I marinated the thinly sliced beef with a bit of mirin and sake before throwing it into the soup right at the end.  It cooks really quick so you don’t want to have it boiling away for too long.

By the way, always buy the fresh japanese udon in the frozen section of your local Asian grocer.  It is THE BEST.  I used to buy the vacuum packed ones that did not need refrigeration – eww eww eww! They always had a bit of a smell to it, but not these super good totally authentic-just like from the japanese restaurant-fresh udon!

This is definitely a lovely Japanese Winter Warmer!!! 🙂 Yummy!!! 🙂


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