Your humble Fried Rice

15 Jul

Every once in awhile, nothing beats a good bowl or plate of fried rice!  It seems that everyone cooks fried rice these days – all with different combinations and flavours, that it almost is just what it really is – fried rice.

My favourite fried rice is the one I used to eat as a kid in Singapore – home cooked by my grandma.  It was delicious 🙂  I can still remember the flavour, the chopped fresh pieces of prawns, the springy fishcake cubes, the really crunchy french beans (I really miss this!  Don’t know where I can find it in Perth!), chopped up to give both visual appeal and a lovely texture to the rice.  Plus of course chopped pieces of charsiew in the rice. 

These days, fried rice is made up of leftovers.  From the rice to the meat – it’s a quick but yet yummy weeknight meal!

However, in making this fried rice, I did a bit of a google, to find out exactly how do you fry rice without making it too soft or hard and of course how to make it tasty!  I referred to the trusty “Rasa Malaysia” and came across her recipe for “Fried Rice“.  I always wanted to know how to make the egg just coat the rice, so check out her recipe for this!  Whilst I didn’t follow her quantities and half the ingredients, I did use the fish sauce which really made the rice tasty and of course followed her egg method. 

By the way, I love this fishcake that I found at Emma’s Seafood – it’s actually the fried fishball, sold in a huge bag.  I just chopped it up into smaller pieces.  It’s exactly how I like my fishcake – bouncy and springy!

As my Mum says when she cooks this dish… “Yummy Fried Rice”! 🙂


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